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And to think, all the Soviet Union would’ve had to do is to wait.  Yesterday, the cocaine-snorting communist announced that he would not respond with nuclear arms, even if attacked by an enemy WITH nuclear arms.

"No Big Deal." - B. Hussein Obama

No, our Commander-in-Chief would rather save our massive nuclear stockpile for such large-scale nuclear assaults by nations like Iran and North Korea who, between the 2 of them, may have fewer than 20 low-yield nukes.

But if another country like, say, Russia or China unleashes hundreds or thousands of nuclear warheads on the US mainland?  Nah…   we’ll just sit back and take a couple hundred megatons for the team.  In the name of peace, of course.

Bonus: Russia reserves the right to bow out of the recent nuke treaty Obama negotiated for us.

On one hand, I seriously want to refer to Barack Hussein Obama as a complete and total retard.  I’d love to believe that he’s naive enough to think that if we promise not to strike back, we can preemptively avoid the possibility of attack by a major nuclear power bent on the destruction of the United States.

But I don’t believe it.  He’s not stupid.  He’s not naive.  He’s simply an aggressive anti-American who has more in common with the Communists who used to – and still do – run those countries who stand against us as rival superpowers than he does with people who think America is good.  The reason I believe he has already surrendered is because he’s already on their side.  He is the most dangerous man ever to sit in the Oval Office chair, and it is our responsibility as people who love freedom to stand against him and pray for his utter failure.

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