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The mainstream media has finally gotten around to fact-checking some of the claims being made by the left on health care.  The latest…    the “health insurance industry makes obscene profits” line.

Now, I’m not one to be overly upset over profits.  Typically, I prefer profitable companies to non-profitable companies.  Much like with successful individuals and families, companies who make good profits usually do so because they’re strong companies that have developed good products that people want to buy.  Yes, there are individual cases of corruption, but entire industries?

And typically, they’re going to be larger than 2.2%.

Let’s put it another way – in the same way that companies that make large profits are considered to be “successful”…   an industry involved in malfeasance that only squeezes out a 2.2% profit probably isn’t very good at it.  In fact, a reasonable, logical human being would look at such an industry and question as to whether said industry was indeed criminal at all.

In comparison: Congress’ pay raise (in the middle of a recession when unemployment has shot from 6.5% to 9.5% since Obama’s election) in March 2009 was…  2.7%.

Profit Margin on a DVD purchase?  20-30%.  If you download the movie from iTunes or Amazon?  60-70%.  Michael Moore’s idiotic propaganda crapfest “Fahrenheit 9/11” made $222,446,882 off of a shooting budget of around $6,000,000.  That’s a 97.3% profit margin.

How about profits for Carbon Credits?  Huge, with tons of money spent and no actual products produced.

Apparently, profits are only obscene when they go to causes liberals don’t like.

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Propagandist and walking poster for what happens when you eat too much cake frosting Michael Moore has a new movie coming out.

He Wants More of Your Money to Complain About Your Ability to Give Him More of Your Money

He Wants More of Your Money to Complain About Your Ability to Give Him More of Your Money

For those of you who forgot, Michael Moore is a traitorous cause célèbre “film” maker who pushed out three of the highest-grossing documentaries in history.  He produced a product, advertised that product for sale, and found a market that desired his product and was willing to exchange their hard-earned money for the opportunity to share in his product.  In doing so, they caused his products to earn over $165,000,000.

His product, in case you’re curious, are propaganda movies masquerading as mediocre documentaries.  As with so many things, liberals can’t be upfront about what they believe.  They have to disguise and hide their beliefs behind titles like “documentary” in an attempt to make us think that because something says “documentary”, it’s an unbiased look at the subject that’s being “documented”.  Then, the liberal community celebrates the stupidity by declaring it art and publicly awarding the idiots who make it for making it.

And this lard-butt is no exception.

Like most liberals, Michael Moore has no concern about anything other than his far-left agenda.  In 2008, when Hurricane Gustav threatened to land during the Republican National Convention, he celebrated the event as proof that there was a God in Heaven.  Later on, he backed off and declared his comments (including a fake letter from God on his website) to be “satire”.

In 2004, when American men and women were dying in Iraq to ensure that 30,000,000 people had the right to decide their own future without the torture chambers, chemical weapons attacks, weapons of mass destruction, or yellowcake uranium hanging over their heads by a bloody string, Michael Moore made a movie that falsely accused a sitting American President of treason in a deliberate attempt to influence a Presidential Election.

The left, being easily programmed sheep, turned out en masse, watched his movie, and gave him an Academy Award.  And Michael Moore made millions.  This was in addition to the millions he made in his attack on the NRA in “Bowling for Columbine”, where again, human life – and the loss thereof – was best used to fuel his political ambitions and push his left-wing agenda.

Michael Moore is a multi-millionaire who has had much success selling his product.  And I, for one, congratulate him on his success in creating a product that people want to exchange their hard-earned money to have a part of.  And if that’s where this story ended, all would be well.

Except that Michael Moore is a hypocrite.

It’s fine and dandy to make a product that people want to exchange money for, and to make an extremely large profit from the sale of that product…   just so long as that product is a propaganda film.  But if it’s, say, cars, stocks, bonds, or health care, all of the sudden it’s all part of an evil system that must be destroyed.  It’s OK for Michael Moore to live in big houses, own big cars, have great health insurance, and own guns…  but if you or I want to do the exact same thing, we’re evil and wrong and part of the right-wing conspiracy.

So let’s all give Michael Moore a lesson in capitalism.

Here’s my idea: if his movie gets released at a theater near you (look for it in October), go to the box office and ask how much it costs for tickets to some movie at the theater – something besides the Michael Moore trash bin.  If possible, show up with your whole family.  Make sure they see everyone.  When they give you a total, thank them and let the box office employees know that you just wanted them to know how much money they aren’t going to make off of you because their theater has decided to show Michael Moore’s movie.

Will it suck for the theaters?  Sure.  They make money off of concessions (not so much off of tickets) and seeing a family of 4 walk off without buying a ticket and $30 worth of concessions sucks for them.  Maybe it’ll suck so much that they’ll think twice about picking up another Michael Moore flick.

Big Hollywood’s Take: http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/cftoto/2009/09/07/let-the-michael-moore-lovefest-begin/

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