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Nevermind the fact that the climate change data from the last 10 years have been proven to be fabricated and false, along with Al Gore’s movie. Nevermind that every major media news outlet in the United States is ignoring the fact while John Kerry (D) introduces a new climate bill, along with Phil Gramm (R) who is global warming’s newest crusader. Even if you do hear a tidbit on the news wire, it’s all about an investigation on who leaked the fabricated data instead of why the data was fabricated in the first place. Even now the talks in Copenhagen, which is leaving a 40,000 metric ton carbon footprint, is all about trying to get nations to pony up money to reduce greenhouse gas. Consider the fact that Obama is pledging to raise our energy prices by an equivalent of $2000 per family increase next year with the Cap and Trade Bill, that taxes energy emissions. Why it’s just a quick jump from Denmark over to Sweden to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize for his future supposed endeavors.

Copenhagen is being portrayed about “Saving the Planet”, and afterall who doesn’t want to “Save the Planet”. Of course the falsified data doesn’t really mean anything because we are “Saving the Planet”? After all if we cannot “Save the Whales”, or if we cannot “Save the Spotted Owl”, we might as well “Save the Planet” and bomb some SUV dealerships while we at it. All this hub-bub is a direct attack by environmental wackos who want to socialize our country, which is turn directly co-insides with our Democratic President’s Agenda, and believe it or not: our capitalistic industries are quick to jump to the band wagon to earn a quick buck.

Who hasn’t seen an environmental friendly commercial for a new product? Who hasn’t bought a planet friendly cleaning product, even if you didn’t mean to. And those re-useable nylon type grocery bags you can buy and use over and over again to save the trees are just grand. Heck even I drive a hybrid, but of course, it’s not for environmental reasons, it’s for saving $ reasons. (After all I am a fiscal conservative). My point is you cannot get away from “Saving the Planet” claptrap that is all around us. And it directly coincides with the Copenhagen Talks.

Why you ask? Why because it’s because of the money. You see the Green Industry is a HUGE money-maker. By the year 2017, its estimated that it will make around $10 trillion dollars annually. That’s almost as much that Obama is planning on raising our deficit with the Healthcare Bill. That’s even more money than some countries make in a year. If you don’t believe me on the $10 trillion dollars, consider this article.

So while “Saving the Planet” and “Being Green” and driving Hybrids and just being Enviro-Friendly are just and noble things to do to help out the planet, its not about “Saving the Planet”, its about socialist control and plain old cash. The Kyoto treaty was all about getting big nations to pour billions of dollars into these green industries all in the name of “Saving the Planet” and solving “Global Warming”. Funny since these “Global Warming” facts came out to be false, that our Green-Hero Al Gore is nowhere near Copenhagen because of a “scheduling conflict”, yeah right.

The problem with Copenhagen and the “Saving the Planet” brigade is that the UN and the Enviro-Wackos want more money. They want all the OTHER countries in the world to pitch in. You know the countries in Africa and Brazil and Outer Bostwania need to pitch in their billions too. (Sarcasm /On) Why it’s all about reducing Carbon emissions and “Saving The Planet” Why Obama is “Saving the Planet”, don’t other countries want to “Save the Planet” too? I mean what are they, world hating right-wing extremist? Why they must be “Nazis” that want to destroy the world and bring back slavery while they are at it. (Sarcasm /Off)

The fact is that these “other countries”, which is everyone else except the US and the other countries that fell under Kyoto, believe that ponying up to the “Saving the Planet” brigade at the UN is not such a good idea because of the er, bad economy thing. They kind of believe that their countries need the money a little bit more than the UN and the Enviro-Wackos do. They kind of recognized the fact that the whole “Global Warming” facts have been falsified by think-tanks in Britain and at Nasa. They kind of think that this Copenhagen thing with its 40,000 metric ton carbon footprint is a joke and like most of us already know that it is. That’s why the talks are now “temporarily suspended”, while the Enviro-Wackos try to think of a way to MAKE the “other countries” pony up.

So while Obama is planning to lead the “Cap and Tax, er Trade” assault once the Health Care debacle is out-of-the-way, the rest of us can go on ahead buying “Green Products”, because dang-it, we just don’t have a choice because the Copenhagen accords are just going to “Save the Planet”. Might as well “Save the Cheerleader and Save the World” while they are at it.

Update: The “Temporarily Suspended” Talks are no longer Suspended. Apparently the “Other Countries” are back at the table willing to pony up “penalties” (aka UN Enviro-Wacko Sludge Money) for not meeting Kyoto treaty restrictions IF First World Countries (Ala US and Europe) promise not to fudge on their numbers and cap green house emissions. Yeah CAP-N-Tax er TRADE is now on the fast track cause the Big O won’t let these “other countries”, that the US has so drastically taken advantage of, down!

Side Note: I don’t expect the “other countries” will pay any penalties or curb any emissions or agree to anything to the fact. These talks will last for a while and whatever is agreed upon, we probably won’t get the whole story. I think is just another tactic for socialist to seek control over our society by making sure we curb our emissions even further while their green companies get the kickbacks. It’s a launching point for the Cap-N-Trade Bill while Obama gets to claim victory over making the whole world “Safe” and to save the world from “Global Warming”. I know this can sound a bit far-fetched but with our current administration, I can expect no less.

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