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HOLLYWOOD, FL - MARCH 18:  Stacks of money are seen in what is being called a first-of-its-kind exhibit of five million dollars in cash at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on March 18, 2009 in Hollywood, Florida. The display consists of $100 bills encased in a 1,300-pound, custom-made $90,000 bullet-resistant Lexan showcase.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

According to Fox news, the CBO has rated the cost of the Iraq war, and compared to the stimulus passed by the Obama administration the numbers are interesting.  You can read the Fox News report here. 

According to CBO numbers in its Budget and Economic Outlook published this month, the cost of Operation Iraqi Freedom was $709 billion for military and related activities, including training of Iraqi forces and diplomatic operations.

The projected cost of the stimulus, which passed in February 2009, and is expected to have a shelf life of two years, was $862 billion. 

Here is another excerpt on the deficit according to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget.

The U.S. deficit for fiscal year 2010 is expected to be $1.3 trillion, according to CBO. That compares to a 2007 deficit of $160.7 billion and a 2008 deficit of $458.6 billion, according to data provided by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget.

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 CULVER CITY, CA - APRIL 17: Game show host Pat Sajak is interviewed on the set of the 'Jeopardy!' Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational Tournament Show Taping on April 17, 2010 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Finally a voice of reasoning from Hollywood other than Charlie Daniels or Jon Voight.  Mr. Pat Sajak gives us, I mean “the global warming crowd” , (yes the same group of people that believe it is possible for humans to affect the climate of the earth) some very pratical ways they can pracitce what they preach.  Maybe just a little leading by example?

Let’s assume that a third of the world’s population really believes mankind has the power to adjust the Earth’s thermostat through lifestyle decisions. The percentage may be higher or lower, but, for the sake of this exercise, let’s put it at one-third. Now it seems to me these people have a special obligation to change their lives dramatically because they truly believe catastrophe lies ahead if they don’t. The other two-thirds are merely ignorant, so they can hardly be blamed for their actions.

Now, if those True Believers would give up their cars and big homes and truly change the way they live, I can’t imagine that there wouldn’t be some measurable impact on the Earth in just a few short years. I’m not talking about recycling Evian bottles, but truly simplifying their lives. Even if you were, say, a former Vice President, you would give up extra homes and jets and limos. I see communes with organic farms and lives freed from polluting technology.

Then, when the rest of us saw the results of their actions—you know, the earth cooling, oceans lowering, polar bears frolicking and glaciers growing—we would see the error of our ways and join the crusade voluntarily and enthusiastically.

This should at least win idea of the day?  Maybe idea of the week or even month?  The problem is, the lefty environmentalist only want you to “Do as I say, not as I do”.  All Pat is asking is,  if you are so serious about all of this, show us the way.  We will follow suit like Lemmings off a cliff as soon as we are  visually enlightened by all of the “Global Warming” rhetoric, babble and smoke blowing.

Until then, stop trying to pass laws that will apply new taxes and fees to the citizens of the United States.  Quit telling us we need to buy florecent bulbs because they are better for the environment.  (Did you know that is the reason the fish in WI have high mecury levels is because people are too lazy to drive down to the local hardware stores to recycle them.  I’m sure it’s just the conservative-Republican earth haters though)  Please, no more telling us that we need to drive a car that wouldn’t survive a collision with a moped to save the environment.  For the love of Pete stop telling us to do all of the things that are going to save the planet and bankrupt us in the process. All the while still traveling in your private or commercial jets and trying to off set your pollution with carbon credits/offsets. 

I know it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy that you can still be a pollution hog and just offset your destruction of our planet by shuting off your computer at night, turning off the water while you brush your teeth, or using candles to read.  But the fact is that every time you hop on that plane, or get in your car, you are polluting.  You can’t take it away with a shower every three days.

Anyway, I think Pat Sajak is on to something here.  And for the record, there is no one who is a conservative that is of sound mind, who really wants to destroy the earth.  Be assured, sleep well at night knowing that we want to protect the earth and conserve it as well.

Side note:  I know that the Price is right is not Sajak’s game show, but I thought I’d use it anyway in the title.

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[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=arlen+specter&iid=8847756″ src=”2/3/9/6/Arlen_Specter_Loses_a55a.jpg?adImageId=12915475&imageId=8847756″ width=”450″ height=”594″ /]

A harbinger of November loomed this past week when predominate Senators from both sides, including turncoat Arlen Specter were booted out in the primaries this past Tuesday. Think the voters are fed up with Washington, being led by the Socialist leader Barry Obama? If you had any doubts, they should be gone by now. All these Incumbents, who haven’t conveniently retired, are on notice that if they are against the will of the people, the will of the people will toss them out. Just look at Republican Trey Greyson from Kentucky, who was booted out by Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul. Why? Because this incumbent voted for the TARP bailout program. Bad-move Trey, enjoy your time off.

So the Democrats kept John Murtha’s old seat in Blue State Pennsylvania. Doesn’t mean much to me, as the grandfather of them all Arlen Specter was tossed out on his Kiester. If this isn’t a big shout out that people are getting ready to flood the polls this November, then non-believers are in denial. Arkansas’s Blanche Lincoln is next on the hit list, being forced into a run-off this June.

Whether or not this incumbent shooting match will spell big Republican Victories in November remains to be seen. Will the Tea Party movement move toward the Republican side or will they just move towards non-political candidates? Only time will tell, but I do know that those of that still believe in this country are getting what we want: the people taking their country back!

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President Barack Obama signs the historic health insurance reform bill Washington DC

The Complete List of Obama Statement Expiration Dates  provided by Jim Geraghty at NRO.

Here are some highlights:

STATEMENT: “These negotiations will be on C-SPAN, and so the public will be part of the conversation and will see the decisions that are being made.” January 20, 2008, and seven other times.

EXPIRATION DATE: Throughout the summer, fall, and winter of 2009 and 2010; when John McCain asked about it during the health care summit February 26, Obama dismissed the issue by declaring, “the campaign is over, John.”

STATEMENT: “No family making less than $250,000 will see any form of tax increase.” (multiple times on the campaign trail)

EXPIRATION DATE: Broken multiple times, including the raised taxes on tobacco, a new tax on indoor tanning salons, but most prominently on February 11, 2010: “President Barack Obama said he is “agnostic” about raising taxes on households making less than $250,000 as part of a broad effort to rein in the budget deficit.”

It is rather lenghty, but well worth a read.  Here is to “The One” who says one thing and does another.  Very typical of Washington and all that dwell there, but I think Obama and his people take it to another level.

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President Obama Signs Health Care Reform Bill

“Hours after President Barack Obama signed historic health care legislation, a potential problem emerged. Administration officials are now scrambling to fix a gap in highly touted benefits for children.”

Here are a couple of articles that explain the dilemma.  As the comments over at Hot Air suggest, this is just another sign of incompetence for the Obama Administration.

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Charles Schumer

“The president said the number one issue before us is jobs in 2010, and we couldn’t agree more, in fact the three top issues on our agenda are jobs, jobs and jobs”

The video below is under 2 minutes.  Take the time and watch it.  I can only assume by jobs the Democrats meant Health Care Reform.  The two terms are apparently synonymous.  I’m sure the focus will return to jobs after he is done with his “victory lap”, which is more likely to turn into an attempt to try and sell the already passed Health Care bill.  It is a little sad that there is a need to convince the public how great the bill is after it is passed.  There is a thought shared among the administration and Americans that support the bill that the public is misinformed about the bill.  I have heard it over and over.  Rest assured, those of us who are upset and that do not support the bill are not misinformed.  I have no doubt that the Presidents 51st , or 52nd  “why we need to love this bill” speech in Iowa will do little to change the opposed minds.  It will however regurgitate the same talking points Obama has been using for the past year to feed the lemmings that so faithfully , blindly follow every word he utters.

Here is another 2 minute video with Obama telling  lying to us:

“The Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk”

Sure we will.  Anything else you want us to drink up???  The sweet drink is so easy for some to swallow. 

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 Commerce Secretary, NY Mayor Bloomberg Launch 2010 U.S. Census

Step 1:  A super bowl ad for $2.5 million

Step 2:  A letter from the U.S. Census Bureau stating that in a few weeks I will be receiving the Census questionnaire to fill out.

Step 3:  The actual Census questionnaire is delivered.

Step 4:  A post card from the Census Bureau letting me know that I should have received a request to participate in the 2010 Census.  Here is the charm:  “if you have already provided your census information, please accept our sincere thanks.”

Now, I am as forgetful as the next person.  That being said, with the $2.5 million spent on the commercial, and the postage paid for three separate mailings by our government, is it financially responsible?  Of course it isn’t.  Everything to my knowledge was mailed first class postage.  That is 28 cents for the post card and 44 cents for the “just letting you know it’s coming”  letter.  I believe the census is sent  to 120 million homes/families.  That is over $8.5 million not including the Census form or all of the temporary hires.

Is this a Liberal thing?  No, it’s a government thing.  I have no doubt that the same circumstances would have followed if McCain would have been President. 

Chalk this up to example number 1,365 why the government has a really really really hard time spending money wisely.  Is it any wonder why so many are leery of all the money related promises of the Health Care bill:  Premiums will go down, it will lower the deficit, it will improve the economy?  I guess we will have to wait and see, we’ll know soon enough.  After all, this administration is truly remarkable.  The Obama administration is unlike any other, everything they say is the truth and they do not lie.  They are not spending more in their first year than any other president.  Obama has shown through example that he and his administration will be financially responsible.  We have no reason to doubt any of the claims being made.   O wait, never mind.

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