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This coming Thursday is one of my favorite holidays of the year, behind Christmas, Independence Day, and Talk Like a Pirate Day: Draw Mohammed Day.

The premise of this event is very simple: I am not a Muslim.  I have absolutely no need, desire, or requirement to bow to the whims of the Koran or those who interpret it in a way that would ban me from drawing Mohammed.  In fact, the use of Mohammed in art and imagery is well-documented, to the point where, throughout history, even Muslims drew his picture without any fear of reprisal from extremists.

The Religion of Peace

The Religion of Peace

And yet today, people who aren’t under the thumb of the most oppressive major religion on earth are cowering before Islam.  Interestingly, they have no fear of insulting Christians.  This may have something to do with the fact that there haven’t been any reported terrorist incidents against artists who defame Christ, but those who have drawn or depicted Mohammed or have questioned the sincerity of the Religion of Peace have often found themselves at the end of a Koran-inspired goon squad, and in some cases have been attacked and killed.

This is ridiculous.

So, on May 20, a bunch of freedom-loving folks from around the world are gathering together for the first annual Draw Mohammed Day.  I will be participating and will share my image here.  I would encourage you to draw your own image, but….   a few thoughts:

First, try to be at least somewhat pleasant.  While pictures of Mohammed eating a canned ham with his camel wife may have comedy value, that’s not really the point.  This isn’t about comedy – it’s about freedom.

Second, be aware that some people will find this offensive – usually people who’re more concerned about insulting one group of people and are less concerned about insulting another group of people who are in direct opposition to the first group.  What we need to realize and they need to learn is that it’s OK for them to be offended.

Finally, be creative.  Seriously…  Mohammed eating a canned ham?  It’s been done.

See you on Thursday.

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You remember?  All that harping from the left about how the PATRIOT Act – designed to track potential security threats to the government and citizens of the United States that has been misused on a few occasions – was an unconstitutional, evil plan by the Genius Idiot George W. Bush to track regular Americans and their financial transactions, library book usage, and favorite porno sites?

Remember how Obama hated it (before he decided he didn’t hate it and extended it once he got into office) and all his Obamanauts followed in lock step with their finger-shaking disapproval of the eeeeeeeeeeevil conservative plan to take over the world?

Heck, maybe you even remember Obama berating Bush for “rushing through” the legislation without allowing for a proper, open debate (presumably before he tried to do the same thing with Health Care before deciding that the Democrats didn’t need to rush health care through).

Yeah – all that concern about privacy and how the PATRIOT Act was an attack on the rights of all Americans?

Never mind.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

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Again, another very well done video by Steven Crowder on our current administration’s dealing with Islāmic Terrorism.

It comes complete with a disclaimer at the end, it’s humorous, but also very factual and blunt. 

The video to the original YouTube post doesn’t seem to work.  So, see this while you can.  I guess?

If you understand that we are facing religious extremist, and that they are in fact terrorists, and we are ingaged in a war against terrorists and those who harbor them,  you may watch this video and get a chuckle, and find the mountains of truth exclaimed in it. 

If you believe these things: terrorists should be called “enemy combatants”,  we are not involved in a war on terror, we should have a civilian court hearing for an accused terrorist, you should still by all means watch the video.  And then come to your conclusion that “all” who claim to be conservatives are just like “Character Willy” , racists and intolerant.  Racist Willie, and the disclaimer at the end, should be all that is needed to get it through some of the thicker skulls out there that what liberals presuppose about normal non psychotic conservatives  are wrong.   We really don’t use the word terrorists and the like because that is what these killers really are.  Our purpose is never that we want to keep our families and country safe, it is always, let me stress always what liberal’s and progressive’s think.  (The last few sentences are filled with sarcasm. Noted for the thicker skulls)  What do people on the left think?  Go read the Huffington post and find out.  Listen to NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN.  Unless you have been living under a rock, you know what the left thinks.  All that is needed to be enlightened is to turn on the news.

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In Detroit, brave passengers on Northwest Flight 253, knowing what happened on United Flight 93, throw caution to the wind as they work to subdue a would-be terrorist bomber.

In Washington, DC, despite all evidence that’d be obvious to Helen Keller, Janet Nepolitano declares that “The System Worked”.  The system, apparently, being the keen ability of the TSA, State Department, and Federal Government to fail on every possible level to detect and detain an Al Qaeda terrorist armed with an underwear  bomb made by the top Al Qaeda bombmaker in Yemen; a terrorist whose own father warned the US government about him, and whose mission was plotted by 2 Al Qaeda idiots released from Gitmo in 2007.

In Hawaii, 3 hours after the incident, Obama is made aware (personally, I knew from CNN as it was happening).  The TelePrompTer of the United States then takes three days to respond to the event.  After golfing, of course.  After all, a man has to have his priorities…  (and it certainly isn’t church on Christmas).


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[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=obama+speech+teleprompter&iid=4053565″ src=”c/f/9/6/Obama_Meets_With_181b.jpg?adImageId=7964088&imageId=4053565″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

Most of us know that Obama’s speech tonight is about the Afghan war. We already know that 30,000 troops is being sent to Afghanistan as part of a surge. About 10,000 less than General Mcchrystal asked for, but I think its better than nothing. It apparently worked in Iraq, so the same thought is that it will work in Afghanistan. As long as we don’t read Miranda Rights to Terrorist in the Battlefield, I think on the whole that Mcchrystal’s decision is a good one. What bug’s me the most on this decision is that it took the Big O about 3 weeks to decide to do anything at all. His speech tonight is purely a political one, as his polls dip below the 50% mark, he is trying to show his wisdom about this decision and claim credit for a plan he didn’t even come up with. His lack of experience is clearly showing as the American public has lost faith in his ability to lead and his bone-headed policies that are at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue.

The main point of this article is that Obama is going to lay out some sort of exit strategy for the Afghan war. Apparently he has some plan to pull the troops out if benchmarks aren’t made by the Afghan military. Anyone remember that before the election, that the Big O was going to pull out the troops from Iraq because it was Bush’s war. Remember how their were nightly newscast on how bad Bush managed Iraq and he was basically demonized for it. And even when the Surge worked in Iraq, Bush never got credit for it. And poof, Obama gets elected and everything is just peachy in Iraq, at least in the news story line.

The fact is that war is never peachy, and war is not predictable. War is bloody hell and to have a President trying to make the Afghan war a political one is just disgusting. Anyone remember the Vietnam war and how politics effected the outcome? To have an exit strategy while the war is still being fought is a very bad idea. Sure we want the troops home, we want peace in Iraq and Afghanistan, but to set up a supposed date to bring the troops home, the enemy is going to be content to stay in their well stocked caves to wait the US Military out. And then we will once again have an unstable Afghanistan that is one country away from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

I realize that Afghanistan is the worst place in the world to possibly have a war. From the Romans to the Russians, many countries have tried and failed at taking the country. It’s a killing field and what we definitely don’t need is Obama dictating policy to the troops. Let the Generals and MIlitary do what they do best and leave politics out of the equation. Sadly I fear that tonight, it will not be the case.

What I would love to see is for THE PRESIDENT, not a politician, come out and say that we are going to Afghanistan to kick some ass and take names. That we are going to hunt every terrorist down and send them straight to Allah. That there will be no civilian trials for Terrorist. There will be no compromise with the Taliban. There will be no micromanagement of a foreign war. That as a country, we need to pull together and support our troops.

Of course this is not what is going to happen. How I miss President Reagan.

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First – allow me to thank the others here at the blog.  The past week has been hectic for me with family stuff, and I really appreciate their posts.  I’m also very appreciative of your comments and patience.

Now….   on to the news.

Party crashers greet President Obama after sneaking into State Dinner in Washington

Well, if you haven’t heard, Mr. Obama was the recipient of the whole “Wedding Crashers” treatment last week.  Except that it wasn’t a wedding, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn were nowhere to be seen, and the part of the weird couple from Virginia was played by Michaele and Tareq Salah, two socialites and reality show participants from the DC area.

Now, while the concept of White House intruders is not new (the President’s residence used to be much more open to the public, and is now less open for security reasons), most of the intruders were stopped by the US Secret Service or other security personnel before they shook hands with the President at a State Dinner.

At least…  that’s the current story.  And it wraps things up pretty nicely, what with sneaky reality show folks doing things for cameras and getting some publicity.

Except that it’s not the whole story.  That’s right, kids…  the White House Gatecrashers are…   long term Obama supporters.  Talking Points Memo has dug into the memory hole down which this little tidbit of information disappeared, and has discovered that he’d been on the Board of Directors at the American Taskforce on Palestine – an organization with a pro-Palestinian statehood agenda that also happens to be tied to none other than Rashid Khalidi, whose books and scholarship are pimped at the ATFP’s website.

And who is Rashid Khalidi?  Well…. remember back in October 2008, when there was a bit of an eruption because the LA Times refused to release a 2003 video it had of Obama’s presence at an event during which he and Obama were a bit buddy-buddy?  Well, it wasn’t the first time they’d shared dinner together…   but that doesn’t address the issue.  Again: who is Rashid Khalidi?

Rashid Khalidi’s current resume includes things like “Professor at Columbia University” and “Professor at the University of Chicago” (Obama’s supposed employer prior to his job at US Senator).  What it probably doesn’t include is “Spokesman for the Palestinian Liberation Organization during the time they were pursuing an active war of terror against Israel“.

Are you paying attention?

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Call this a rant, call it what ever you want.  Here is a round-up of some of today’s liberal blogs and post’s, choice picked by me.  While this is in no way exclusive to every liberal, it will give you an idea of what they are thinking today, and in general most of the time. 

Over at The Huffington Post, Chris Durang has a post titled: Thankful, well not so very much.  He feels like this: 

But in terms of our country and our planet — hmmm. Not feeling so confident, so up, so grateful. And about Barack Obama — well I feel very disappointed.

But, he does feel that the President is still smart and charming, the more important being the charming I’m sure.  In an email a friend of his wrote this:

this latest move in Afghanistan leaves my stomach so knotted with shock and despair.  I believe it is not in our national interest to keep fighting in Afghanistan.  I think our presence there exacerbates violent extremism. Prolonging the war means killing and maiming more innocent Afghan civilians and destroying the lives of many more American soldiers. And I believe pouring billions more into Afghanistan at a time of economic crisis at home is a betrayal of the American people.

Not in our national interest?  I won’t even tackle that, I’ll let President Obama:

“So I want the American people to understand that we have a clear and focused goal: to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al-Qaida in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and to prevent their return to either country in the future,” the president said.  The safety of people around the world is at stake.”

Exacerbates violent extremism?   I can’t quite figure out if Liberals really believe this, or if this is some holy high road they take to make themselves feel better, or to try and show the “nice terrorists“, that we get it.  We are the cause of 9-11, the Ft. Hood Massacre, and any other terrorist activity that befalls our nation.  Come on, wake up!  These terrorists hate us.  The first gulf war was not the cause of 9-11, and our current military involvement in their country isn’t the cause either.   Their extremist religious belief and hatred is a good place to start.  Yes, we are in economic crisis, and wars cost billions of dollars, but the safety of our country is at stake. 

His comments on the bailout reflect a lot of americans thoughts on bonuses given to  executives, but at the end of the segment, he decides to describe Tea Party attenders as “tea baggers“.    This one statement is the main reason I decided to rant today.  Sure we have political differences, we don’t agree on health care, the military, taxes, and so on.  We occasionally call each other names, but, the sexual intention and demeaning tone behind tea baggers is despicable.  It really does shows you the tactics the left will use to try and get their delusional points across, and the viciousness that can accompany it.  The americans that attend tea parties are simply concerned citizens, they have 9-5 jobs, families, and pay their taxes.  The term used to describe them says so much of how little liberals think of fellow human beings.  

Oh look, another video of a Palin Ambush, they just can’t leave her alone.  One would think they are obsessed with her.  Any liberal, will deny that they are afraid of her and everything she stands for until the day they die (or are converted into a conservative).  No, they aren’t fearful at all that she  has a positive-conservative influence on our country.  If you look at the amount of time the liberal media spends talking about her, and the way that they are constantly trying to railroad her any way they can, it certainly makes you think that there is something the liberals are very very concerned about.  Could it be that Sarah is teaching women something that doesn’t fit into the shape and mold of progressive women?  This article from real clear politics is about a year old, but sheds a very bright light on this.

What next……Acorn, remember when Congress said this:

no more federal dollars should flow to Acorn

That was a bipartisan effort.  But, according to the NYT, the good ol’ Attorney General–Holder and the Justice Department are saying this:  Acorn Can Be Paid for Pre-Ban Contracts.  The acting assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Counsel, David Barron said this:

The new law “should not be read as directing or authorizing HUD to breach a pre-existing binding contractual obligation to make payments to Acorn or its affiliates, subsidiaries or allied organizations where doing so would give rise to contractual liability,” Mr. Barron wrote.

Of course it shouldn’t, those are probably mostly legitimate and legal, unlike the future obligations that Acorn would have, that are now banned from receiving any tax-payer money.  Can I please choose the no option for not allowing my tax dollars to fund this organization.  Can my tax money please fund something else, a little less corrupt? 

Well, that is enough for now.  We’ll see what strange and odd thoughts the liberals have tomorrow.

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