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So the court says Obamacare is a-OK.  That’s right: the right of the government to force you to spend your money how they see fit is covered under “taxation authority”.  And, as expected, there’s a lot of blame to be passed around, most of it resting on the back of Chief Justice John Roberts.

But I don’t blame Roberts.  Honestly, looking at the ruling, I see the direction he was heading in: Congress has the power to tax you, and forcing you to buy health insurance is no different.  It’s not an argument I agree with 100%, but it’s a logical one.  It also throws the role of healthcare back into the legislature.  No, I don’t blame Roberts or even the left side of the court.

I blame you.

That’s right, America – I blame you.  You’re the one who elected these idiots.  You’re the one who voted for “hope” and “change” instead of thinking things through.  You’re the ones who voted retards into Congress assuring us that they were nowhere near as socialist and liberal as we said they were.  You, and only you, are the ones that I hold responsible for wiping your ass with our constitution, our economy, and our future and flushing it down the toilet.  You were stupid.

You don’t like that, do you?  You don’t like me calling you a bunch of retards?  Well, then, you shouldn’t have voted for retards.

Want to change my mind about you?  Then freaking vote right this time.  Stop sticking your fingers in your ears when someone tells you that Obama and his radical left are lying to you.  Stop feeling bad about your own racism, thinking you can cure it by voting for a black guy who hangs out with domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers.  Stop not thinking things through.

And you Republicans?  Don’t you DARE back down on this.  Take hold of the reins that the people are screaming at you to take hold of and show us some leadership.  Defund this piece of garbage and send it back to hell where it belongs.  Be conservative, not stupid.

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The next time a liberal talks about how we need to ramp down the tone of political discussion, I’d like to invite them to examine their own behavior first.  Then I’d tell them to shove it up their butts sideways.

Why?  Because the whole discussion going on nowadays after the reprehensible acts of a crazed loon is focusing on the wrong issues.  Jared Loughner a is a waste of flesh with no links to any political group, right wing or otherwise (although some of his statements do indicate left-line thinking).  It isn’t his politics – or any kind of political discussion – that drove him to do this.

The simple fact is that political discussion, like guns, video games, rock music, movies, TV, and potty training has become the latest boogeyman for those who don’t understand that people are not necessarily naturally good.  In fact, my own belief is that people aren’t good or evil – they’re sinful…  but not necessarily “evil”.  People become evil over time, whether through rotten upbringing, poor environment, bad genetics, nightmare experiences, screwed up chemicals, or hormones gone nuts.  Whatever the cause…   the root cause for a person’s decision to do evil comes down to that person and their choices.

The bigger danger here, in my opinion, is that those with power will take steps to ensure that this will “never happen again”…  by infringing upon the rights guaranteed us in the Constitution.  While it’s nice to say “we need to stop all the violent rhetoric”, it’s one thing to ask people to do so – it’s yet another to use the force of law to infringe the right of free speech or to further restrict our right to defend ourselves from people who have no concerns about such restrictions.  Our rights and freedoms cannot become the prisoners of those who misuse them.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll join me in prayer for the safe and full recovery of the victims of Jared Loughner, including Congresswoman Giffords.  May God grant healing to those who survived, peace to the families of those who died, and justice to their attacker.

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Compare and Contrast:

In 2006, Senator George Allen, running for his re-election in Virgina, used the term “macaca” to refer to a young man of Indian heritage who was filming him.  Despite the fact that no one in the country had ever heard of this term before, suddenly, “macaca” was traced to a French-speaking insult of African tribesmen from back in the 19th century, and obviously, it means something to a guy who couldn’t remember another guy’s name.  His penalty: Allen’s sure victory became a loss, and a Presidential contender’s hopes went down in flames.

In the same year, Senator Joe Biden, running for President, insulted all persons of Indian heritage by saying “You cannot go to a 7/11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.”  He wasn’t joking.  Later on, he referred to his opponent in the Democrat nomination for President, Barack Hussein Obama, as being a clean, well-spoken black man (apparently in contrast to all the other black men, who are dirty and can’t complete a grammatically correct sentence).  His penalty: he was nominated by the Democrat Party and currently serves as Vice President of the United States.

In 1990, white Southern Senator Jesse Helms ran against African-American Harvey Gantt for the North Carolina Senate.  A man who was fervently opposed to movements and collectivism – and many people mistook his opposition to the Civil Rights Movement as being based in racism, when in reality, Helms believed in constitutionalism, anti-communism, and individual achievement – employing Civil Rights leader and assassination attempt victim James Meredith as an adviser to him in the Senate.  His opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Act was based on his belief that it should apply to everyone or no one.  Still, he ran against a black man whose campaign was built on supporting racial quotas.  When Helms pointed this out, his penalty was an endless stream of caricatures of him as a rabid, racist, extremist.

In 1944, Exalted Cyclops and Kleagle of the Klan, Robert Byrd wrote concerning his service in the United States military, “I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side… Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”  He worked to filibuster the 1964 Civil Rights Act along with other Democrats, based on the fact that it helped black people.  He apologized for being a Klan member, but still felt comfortable enough with the n-word to repeatedly use it in a nationally televised interview.  His penalty?  He currently serves as President Pro Tem of the United States Senate and is referred to by fellow Democrats as “The Constitutional Conscience” of the US Senate.

In 2002, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott praised Senator Strom Thurmond at Strom’s 100th birthday party, saying, “When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over the years, either.”  The interesting thing is that “we” didn’t vote for Strom.  In fact, “he” didn’t vote for Strom (unless Mississippi had extended the vote to 7-year-olds for the 1948 election).  Unfortunately, Strom had run on a platform of racial segregation and Lott had stuck his foot squarely and deeply down his throat.  Calls for his resignation from Senate leadership came from all over, including from such sources as then-State Senator from Illinois’ 13th District Barack Hussein Obama.  Lott apologized, but the calls for his resignation continued.  The Penalty: Lott resigned 15 days after the statement was made.

In 2010, it was revealed in early releases from an upcoming book that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid referred to Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama as  “light skinned” and “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”  He was joined by Former President William Jefferson Clinton, who said that “a few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee”.  Calls came in for Reid’s resignation.  The response?  Forgiveness from Al Sharpton.  Apology accepted by Barack Hussein Obama.  And silence from the rest of the left.

Speaking of Barack Hussein Obama…  this is a man who was a member of Trinity United Church of Christ, a church where the pastor (whom Obama referred to as being “like family” before tossing him under the bus) taught a theology that if God wasn’t in line with Black Theology’s goals of the destruction of the White Enemy, they won’t worship him.  Take THAT, God!  He referred to his grandmother as a “typical white woman” and referred to cops who investigated a potential break-in at a home in Harvard, MA as “acting stupidly”.  His penalty?  Near silence from the media and a sit-down photo op with one of the cops.

Look, I’ll say it: racism sucks.  Allen’s comments are questionable, but Jesse’s positions on race were, to put it best, inconsistent and complicated, and Lott should’ve watched his mouth.  Biden should’ve been tossed on his fanny for his repeated remarks, Robert Byrd is a joke of a fossil, and Reid is as much of a nightmare as Slick Willy – and they all need to be put out to pasture.  Barack Hussein Obama is a racist, period.

But they aren’t.

The double-standard that has existed for years is never better illustrated than when it comes to the way the media and the parties respond to racism.  The simple truth is that conservatives and Republicans are held to higher standards of behavior – and they should be.  The problem is that Democrats should be held to the exact same high standards – and they aren’t.  They’re given a free pass by the media lapdogs, and the party machinery cranks away to ensure that those who commit sins of commission are forgiven without question by those within the party.

It’s all simply a continuation of the same mindset behind racism, which is that one group of people deserve a pass while another group of people don’t deserve it.  It sucks and it’s up to us to call our political leaders (aka “our employees”) to the carpet over it.  If they won’t change, then it’s up to us to send them packing.

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We all knew it would.  Even though Barry the Fibber is the biggest liar to sit in the Oval Office Chair since Bill “What does is mean again?” Clinton, we knew that when he said that he was going to push through his agenda of a government takeover of the health insurance industry, he meant it.

And he still does.

The latest: after buying off every single last Democrat Senator (including supposed “Blue Dog” and “Conservative / Moderate Democrats” like Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson), Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are licking their chops on how to finish up this Multi-Trillion Dollar Boondoggle that’ll have you paying for abortions for illegal immigrants with your federal tax dollars (paging Joe Wilson).

Their plan to pay for this?  Take your money and kill old people.  $400 Billion in new taxes and $500 Billion in cuts to Medicare.

If Republicans proposed anything that cut Medicare by a tenth of that, the Democrats would be out for blood and their lapping suckups in the media would be yipping their little heads off…    but let a Democrat bill cut Medicare by $500 Billion and all of the sudden the media’s silence is such that you could hear a fly fart from across the state.

Oh – and they’re taking your money.  Anyone with half a brain knows that when you raise taxes on the rich, they don’t just pay it out of their pockets, complete with a side helping of the goodness of their hearts.  The rich own businesses, employ people, and build products.  A tax on the rich is an indirect tax on EVERYONE.  That’s why I support the FairTax (and you should, too) – but that’s beside the point.

And what are the Republicans on the hill doing about it?  Not much.  Not that there’s much they can do.  They can complain, which some are doing fairly effectively.  They can force a reading of the bill (which would be hilarious and would take days to complete and would only delay the inevitable).  And that’s about it.

So here’s where it comes to the people who are truly in charge: us.  I’ve got a simple 3-step plan that can help us ultimately come out winners in this situation.

1.  Run solid conservatives for office.  The lily-livered Blue Dogs and one or two Republicans who hemmed and hawed on this?  Vote them out.

2.  Win.

3.  Repeal the bill.  If Obama vetoes, override his veto.

Yeah, I know it’s a fantasy, but it’s a good fantasy…   It’s one I discussed before when I warned you that these so-called “moderates” were not our allies and could not be relied upon.  We need to remember that our politicians’ job isn’t to make buddies up on the hill – it’s to represent OUR interests.  And OUR interest, as poll after poll has said, is that this bill dies.  NOW.

Are you listening, Harry Reid?  Are you listening moderates?  Do you hear us?

Because if you don’t hear us now, you’ll hear us loud and clear in November when we kick your useless hides out of the Capitol.

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Probably Not That Important

Probably Not That Important

A few months back, I was attending a local Tea Party rally where folks from the crowd were invited to speak to the crowd.  It was a typical Tea Party rally, with speakers upset about the direction our government was taking, etc.  And then, someone mentioned “illegal immigration”, and you would’ve thought Billy Graham had gotten on national TV to recite the “Gonna Get Medieval” scene from “Pulp Fiction”.

And then, one of the attendees shouted something that has stuck with me ever since…   well, as much as my memory can stick with something.  I’ll paraphrase: “Illegal Immigration is not why we’re here.  It’s an important issue, but we need to stay focused on what we’re here for: our government is irresponsibly spending trillions of our dollars, and we are here to stand up against it.”  The message was simple, clear, and effective: stay focused.

Too bad the GOP has, as of yet, not figured this one out.

Let’s start, for instance, with Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX).  Now, while I’ll give him credit for being a fellow sim and strategy gamer, the man recently decided to head down another path.  While our nation is sharply divided over issues like war, health care, and out-of-control spending, Joe Barton has decided the critical issue of the day is none other than the College Football BCS system, and while it’s certainly OK to want to replace the BCS with a playoff system (this is probably one of the few things I actually agree with Chairman Zero on), one would think that our elected officials have more important things to worry about right now.  And yeah – that includes you, too, Orrin Hatch.  Yeah…  the establishment of a single-elimination 16-team tournament, with conference champions taking up most spots, followed by at-large bids selected from the top-20 ranked teams that aren’t conference champions that take place over a 4-week period beginning the 2nd weekend in December, or thereabouts, just doesn’t seem as important in the grand scheme of things.

And it’s not all about football, folks.

Let’s go back to the Health Insurance Takeover Debate…  you know, the one that includes an unfunded mandate from the Federal Government requiring you to buy health insurance – or else?  This past week, the Republicans tried their best to team up with Ben Nelson of Nebraska (go Huskers) to remove abortion coverage from Obamacare.  They failed, and now Nelson’s backing down on his threat to join the GOP filibuster.  And now we’re being told that it’s a good and moral thing to force taxpayers to fund the limitless murder of unborn babies whose only crime is being inconvenient.  And as much as I utterly deplore this practice – as disgusting and selfish and hateful as the practice of abortion is and as much as I despise the fact that our elected officials will try to use my money to fund this utter evil, there’s one point I’ve got to make…

Abortion is not the issue.

It is AN issue and yes, it should be combated through all legal means…  but the issue at hand, folks, is the unconstitutional government takeover of the Health Insurance Industry.  Abortion will cost us lives…   Obamacare will cost us our future.  THAT is where our focus must remain, and that is where we must direct those who would hope to be our conservative leaders.

Are you listening, Grand Old Party?  We love that you’re working against abortion, but there’s a bigger problem you need to deal with, aggressively.  Our futures depend on you focusing on what’s really important to the American people…

And the Bowl Championship Series simply doesn’t qualify.

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[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=reid%2c+pelosi&iid=6740029″ src=”1/7/5/6/House_Senate_leaders_6680.JPG?adImageId=8168117&imageId=6740029″ width=”234″ height=”178″ /]

We all know via polls that support of the Health Care Reform Bill, now floating in the US Senate, is one that the majority of Americans do not want. They do not want government involved in any way providing a government option, which us as taxpayers, will be the ones responsible for paying for. Obama’s obsession with overhauling healthcare and the US medical system has taken priority over things like fixing the economy. While Obama likes to talk about creating jobs and cutting taxes for small businesses, everyone know that Healthcare is the legacy he is really concerned about. If this thing gets passed, Obama will be seen as a winner and the rest of us, in reality, will be the losers.

It seems that everyday you hear something different about the Healthcare bill. The latest variety is that now the Public Option is out and now you can buy into Medicare when you are “older”, as in 55-65 years old. While this is better than a blanket Public Option plan, has anyone looked at their paystubs lately? We are already “paying” for Medicare. To have an option to “buy” into Medicare when you are older is ludicrous. We are already “paying” for it. Well in reality, we are paying for someone elses Medicare and when we get to the age when we are eligible, we may have to pay for it “again”. Because when that day comes, the funds for us will not be there, and we will have to pay a premium to have Medicare. It’s still a government option and truly we are already be paying for something we may never get to see.

While Republicans may have temporarily succeeded in saving Medicare and getting rid of the Public Option, there is a real danger that if this passes, people will forget about this new “raw” deal and with Obama being declared a victorious savor of our health, any advantage in the 2010 elections will be lost. We know its Christmas and people are already losing interest in this debate. People’s memory are short and if this thing does pass, in a better form or not, any battles or disagreements about it will be forgotten within 2 or 3 months.

It is a reality that the system needs an overhaul and some restrictions need to be in place to reign in the overblown cost of healthcare and the restrictions that healthcare companies have placed on people’s policies. However government-run healthcare is not an option and no matter how many compromises that Republicans manage to put into this bill, the fact is that people still don’t want it. There is a reason that people want to vote out everybody and start over, it is because our representatives are not listening to us.

The American people don’t want this thing to pass. They want their healthcare left alone and they are tired of our country spending it’s way into oblivion. If the Republicans don’t listen to us and try to kill this thing, does anyone really think that they will be the preferred party of choice in 2010?

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Newt Gingrich, love him or hate him, has teamed up with GOP Chairman Michael Steele to create a First Principle Theme for the Republican Party going into 2010. You can hear Newt Talk about it right here:

While it does sound like there is a possibility of another Contract With America brewing in the works, and while some of these ideas of jobs, energy and repealing Democratic agenda items sound good, a few key items struck me as a bit odd in his talking points.

1st Item. Newt and Michael Steele want to offer key points to help PARTY Republicans get elected. When you mention Party Republicans, I think of those Republicans that are still in office that have been around for a long time. Those same Republicans that lost their conservative way and were indoctrinated with High Spending and Big Government under President Clinton and W. Bush that WE DONT WANT. Anyone remember that the Republican Party is supposed to be for limited government and fiscal responsibility? Sure Newt’s speech talks about those very things, but when you talk about Party Republicans, very few, in my humble opinion, have yet to prove to me that they are back on the conservative wagon. With a few exceptions in the House and Senate, I have my doubts. What about all those Grass Root Republicans running out in fly over country, Newt? Is your First Principles going to help them elected, or is it only going to support “official” party candidates like Dede in the NY-23?

2nd Item. Newt wants to work with REV Al Sharpton and The Big O to shape our country’s educational future? Uh WHAT? One of the most irrelevant people in America, Al Sharpton, is suppose to be an expert in shaping America? Sorry Newt, you lost me on that one. Have the Democrats evenly remotely tried to work with Republicans in the past year in reforming Health Care Reform or creating new means of Energy, without taxes? Uh that’s a big fat NO. Why is it that Party Republicans are always willing to reach across the table, while Party Democrats, while talking a big game, never do?

Don’t get me wrong, I like Newt. He did an excellent thing in 1994, overthrowing 50 years of Democratic House rule. However, it seems to me today, that he is more and more a Republican Party man and is no longer part of the grass-roots conservative movement. Sure, grass-roots conservatives have to work with Party Republicans and in some case vote for them because even Party Republicans are a far cry better than Liberals that are running the country today. However grass-root conservatives don’t have to forgo their own principles and we can keep the Party Republicans in line. They are already listening to the people, by voting against Liberal Health Care form and Liberal Tax and Cap Energy Policies. And if they happen to return to their old ways, we can find someone to replace them, easily.

I am convinced the only way to take back this country is to return to old school Reagan conservatism. If Newt and Michael Steele refuse to hede the Reagan principles that got them where they are today, they will become the next John McCain for the Republican Party. And we all know what happened to McCain last November.

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