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It is truly an honor for a blog as young as ours to be selected to participate in Project 2,996.  We here at Pachyderms have been selected to honor the memory of Michael Joseph Duffy.

Michael Joseph Duffy, We Will Never Forget You

Michael Joseph Duffy, We Will Never Forget You

29-year-old Michael Duffy was newly employed at the Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Investment Bank , and was among 67 employees of the firm that were killed when United Airlines Flight 175 struck the South Tower at the World Trade Center in New York City.

It is not his job, however, that dominates the memories of those who knew him.

The most common words I’ve seen to describe Michael were “friend”, “brother”, and “smile”, common for a man who left behind those three things wherever he went.  He was often chosen as a Best Man at weddings, and had served in that role in five weddings in the year prior to September 2001.  His charm, smile, and personality impressed and gained friends, although some have said his best friend was a yellow Labrador retriever named Dickens.

While his life was all too short, the rich tapestry of friends he left behind is perhaps a better tribute than I could possibly type out in words.  The blessing of life God gave him was as rich as the blessing his life was on those who knew him.

Rest in Peace, Michael.  You have not and will not ever be forgotten.


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Ill happily call him a lying piece of garbage.  Plus, I wont apologize for it.

I'll happily call him a lying piece of garbage. Plus, I won't apologize for it.

You apologized, Joe Wilson, for calling B. Hussein Obama a liar.  Shame on you.  That’s like apologizing for calling Ted Kennedy a drunk or Bill Clinton a chauvinistic philandering adulterer who diddled an intern.

Barack Obama is a liar, plain and simple.  He lied to the American people about being the most transparent administration ever.  He’s lied about and manufactured the health care “crisis” numbers.  He’s lied about the contents of the bill he hasn’t read.  He’s lied about the cost of his Health Care takeover.  Finally, he’s lied about what’s actually in the bill.

Gee – what would ever make me think that he’s a liar?

While I admire your gut reaction, Joe…   there was no need to follow the path of John McCain.  You called Obama exactly what he is: a liar.  Now, stand by your statement.

Of course, while you stood up, so many others said nothing.  534 other Senators and Congressmen said nary a word while you just had to spit it out.  And now, you’re backtracking.  That’s a shame, because if there’s one thing that I’m sick of Republicans doing, it’s backing off when they speak the truth.

Don’t back off.  Call it like it is: a lie.  Barack Hussein Obama, you lie.  You’re lying now.  You’re a liar.  You’re a lying politician who’s lying about your lies.

Don’t believe me?  Read the bill.

The only thing more hilarious than watching the TOTUS go off-kilter when someone shouted “you lie” (that wasn’t on the Teleprompter!) was the Democrats’ faux indignation at someone daring to interrupt the President during a speech.  Gee – that’s never happened before!



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Go read John Hawkins’ liveblog. He’s a brave man.

Or Doug Powers over at Michelle Malkin.

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Obama will make his speech to school children today, encouraging them to stay in school,  be good, and study hard.

Remember back when parents had this job?  Remember way back when, in 2008, when this kind of thing by a President would be considered a political maneuver to pollute the youth of America?  Remember when the media didn’t lick the President’s butt at every possible opportunity?

Post your comments!

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Propagandist and walking poster for what happens when you eat too much cake frosting Michael Moore has a new movie coming out.

He Wants More of Your Money to Complain About Your Ability to Give Him More of Your Money

He Wants More of Your Money to Complain About Your Ability to Give Him More of Your Money

For those of you who forgot, Michael Moore is a traitorous cause célèbre “film” maker who pushed out three of the highest-grossing documentaries in history.  He produced a product, advertised that product for sale, and found a market that desired his product and was willing to exchange their hard-earned money for the opportunity to share in his product.  In doing so, they caused his products to earn over $165,000,000.

His product, in case you’re curious, are propaganda movies masquerading as mediocre documentaries.  As with so many things, liberals can’t be upfront about what they believe.  They have to disguise and hide their beliefs behind titles like “documentary” in an attempt to make us think that because something says “documentary”, it’s an unbiased look at the subject that’s being “documented”.  Then, the liberal community celebrates the stupidity by declaring it art and publicly awarding the idiots who make it for making it.

And this lard-butt is no exception.

Like most liberals, Michael Moore has no concern about anything other than his far-left agenda.  In 2008, when Hurricane Gustav threatened to land during the Republican National Convention, he celebrated the event as proof that there was a God in Heaven.  Later on, he backed off and declared his comments (including a fake letter from God on his website) to be “satire”.

In 2004, when American men and women were dying in Iraq to ensure that 30,000,000 people had the right to decide their own future without the torture chambers, chemical weapons attacks, weapons of mass destruction, or yellowcake uranium hanging over their heads by a bloody string, Michael Moore made a movie that falsely accused a sitting American President of treason in a deliberate attempt to influence a Presidential Election.

The left, being easily programmed sheep, turned out en masse, watched his movie, and gave him an Academy Award.  And Michael Moore made millions.  This was in addition to the millions he made in his attack on the NRA in “Bowling for Columbine”, where again, human life – and the loss thereof – was best used to fuel his political ambitions and push his left-wing agenda.

Michael Moore is a multi-millionaire who has had much success selling his product.  And I, for one, congratulate him on his success in creating a product that people want to exchange their hard-earned money to have a part of.  And if that’s where this story ended, all would be well.

Except that Michael Moore is a hypocrite.

It’s fine and dandy to make a product that people want to exchange money for, and to make an extremely large profit from the sale of that product…   just so long as that product is a propaganda film.  But if it’s, say, cars, stocks, bonds, or health care, all of the sudden it’s all part of an evil system that must be destroyed.  It’s OK for Michael Moore to live in big houses, own big cars, have great health insurance, and own guns…  but if you or I want to do the exact same thing, we’re evil and wrong and part of the right-wing conspiracy.

So let’s all give Michael Moore a lesson in capitalism.

Here’s my idea: if his movie gets released at a theater near you (look for it in October), go to the box office and ask how much it costs for tickets to some movie at the theater – something besides the Michael Moore trash bin.  If possible, show up with your whole family.  Make sure they see everyone.  When they give you a total, thank them and let the box office employees know that you just wanted them to know how much money they aren’t going to make off of you because their theater has decided to show Michael Moore’s movie.

Will it suck for the theaters?  Sure.  They make money off of concessions (not so much off of tickets) and seeing a family of 4 walk off without buying a ticket and $30 worth of concessions sucks for them.  Maybe it’ll suck so much that they’ll think twice about picking up another Michael Moore flick.

Big Hollywood’s Take: http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/cftoto/2009/09/07/let-the-michael-moore-lovefest-begin/

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My posting will be a bit light over the next day or two.


I’m back.  Sorry about that.  I had a hospitalized family member, and sometimes, blogs simply don’t fit into the scheme.  They’re fine now, and I’m back.

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There has been alot of pundit speech lately on Dick Cheney and his advocacy to keep Guantanamo Bay open and to continue the practice of Water Boarding.  The same Water Boarding tactics that we have heard about the past couple of months.  The same Water Boarding tactics that Nanci Pelosi knew about and approved of, before she forgot about it, and called the CIA liars for calling her out about it.   So we all know that Water Boarding is evil because everyone on TV tells us so.

Um is it?  Do we even know what Water Boarding is?  I will tell you exactly what Water boarding is, and you can decide on whether or not you consider it torture or not.  Because that is what smart people do: Develop their own opinion and don’t listen to people who tell you what your opinion should be!

Water boarding is basically immobilizing someone on their back, by restraining them, and water is poured over their head. With so much water over their head, it induces the gag reflex which gives them the sense of drowning or dying.  It does not cause any physical damage to the subject and depending on how you do it, water may not even get into the subjects mouth or nose because cloth usually covers their face.

Whether or not it is effective or not is probably based on the subject undergoing it.  But Kalid Sheikh Mohammed underwent this experience an estimated 183 times, yielded actionable intelligence that was credible to follow up on.  And oh yeah: He was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks.  Remember those?  In just a couple of days, it will be 8 years since 2,993 people lost their lives on that fateful morning.

Now activist judges call Water Boarding Unconstitutional.  They want to Close Club Gitmo Down.  (Well not actually the base, but the detention center, but liberals probably want to give the base back to Castro anyway). They want you, the taxpayer, to pay for them to be prisoned in the United States of America to undergo non military trials.  Their is talk about their rights to a fair trial, how they should be treated with respect and not interrogated unless they have a lawyer present.

Oh I’m sorry, their is one little problem with all of this baloney.  These are enemies of the state!  They are NOT US Citizens.  They are NOT born in the US and they have NO RIGHTS in the United States.  They are NOT entitled to a lawyer! The want to KILL us and they want to bring down our country.  What about all the people on 9/11 that lost their lives?  What about the Journalist and Workers that were BEHEADED while they were alive and screaming?  What about the citizens of IRAQ that are killed and blown to smithereens everyday?  What about school girls in Afghanistan that are beaten and raped everyday for wanting to go to school and learn how to read and write?  WHERE ARE THEIR RIGHTS?

Thats rights, all the victims have no rights, because they are usually not around to speak for themselves because they have been brutally beaten, really tortured and killed.  All the liberals want us to be compassionate to the detainees (liberal buzz word for Terrorist Killers), but I tell you I have no compassion for those animals.  They WANT to be Martyrs!  They want to die for their extremist beliefs!  Well for what its worth, what we should do is get all the intelligence you can out of them, and line them up in a firing squad.  That is what they really deserve, because they earned it!

It is outrageous that we are even having this discussion.  It is outrageous that our troops are giving the ultimate sacrifice while politicians play their petty game.  It is outrageous that these terrorist are allowed to exist.  Is it really so far fetched to even consider this:  If you are a citizen of the United States and you commit treason, the penalty is death?  However, if you are not a citizen of the United States. and you kill, massacre and maim citizens of the Unites States, you are given rights?  Does that make any sense?  I can’t make any sense out of it, can you?

I should not mention the fact that out of all the inspections of Club Gitmo by various groups, that the detention center has been shown to treat the prisoners fairly and have not uncovered any evidence of the abuse.  No, I should definitely not mention that because that would go against the liberal thought that we have hundreds of people down their in chains and hooked up to batteries being flayed and whipped to death.   No, I should definitely not say that these terrorist get 3 meals a day, medical attention and clothes, and even exercise time out in the tropical air.  I should definitely not mention that they are given a military trial and if they are innocent, they are free to go. No I should definitely not mention, that we have already released people back to their countries, so they go back and kill more US Soldiers.   No I should not mention any of this, because that is not really what goes on there!

Now, it is a terrible thing to have people lose their lives, it is a terrible thing that innocent people are killed, raped and brutalized every day.  It is a terrible thing that evil people want to kill us for being who we want to be.    It is a terrible thing that we have to even utilize something called water boarding because these terrorist brought their war to us.  It is terrible thing that we have to sometimes stoop to the enemies level to fight the war their fighting.  Alot of evil things happen everyday.  However, if we are ever to stop this, extreme measures may have to be taken, because no matter how fair we treat our prisoners, we will not get the same treatment if the tables are ever turned.  If you consider all of this for all the people of the world, and people that want to live free and productive lives, then we are all losers, because these terrorists will never want give up and we have to keep eternally vigilant.

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