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There’s nothing like watching a Union thug beat a Nikki Haley piñata to make you ask a simple question: why is it OK?  Or, to be a bit more direct: would it be OK if someone made a Barack Obama piñata and beat it with a stick?

I’m not saying that the right has been innocent in their treatment of liberals, but…   well, we are.  Seriously.  There’s no comparison.  Between the union thugs assaulting people who disagree with them to the Occupiers who attack cops and destroy private property, the left seems to have trouble containing the most violent of their ranks.

In comparison, the Tea Party events were peaceful, well-organized, and cooperative with law enforcement.  I’ve been able to come across a couple of stories of TPers getting arrested (most notably when a group decided to Occupy the Hart Office Building in Washington DC), but most of the events have been peaceful.  Sure, there’ve been accusations of people spitting on Congressmen and calling them names, and one CNN producer totally heard a Tea Partier use the F-word once, maybe, possibly….    but in comparison to the Occupy Twits?  They’re freakin’ boy scouts.

The point being that equivocation only serves its purpose when there’s something to equivocate, and there’s nothing here to equivocate.  I’ll go ahead and say it: the AFL/CIO idiot who made a Nikki Haley piñata was just as wrong as someone who’d make a Barack Obama piñata.  They’re both idiots and should both be treated accordingly.

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For two months now, all we’ve heard is how an evil white guy in Florida gunned down a poor, innocent black kid in cold blood, and I’m sick of it.

I’ve spoken out on this on Facebook and message boards quite a bit, but it’s time to lay everything out, both in terms of understanding the situation, the law behind it, the people involved, and the fluff on both sides of the argument.  If you don’t agree with me, feel free to start your own blog on the matter.

Here’s the facts that we actually know at this point:

  • On February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch guy and concealed weapon license holder that lived in a neighborhood with rising crime rates, saw a person he thought was behaving suspiciously.  He phoned it in to the non-emergency number at the Sanford, FL police department at 7:09 PM.  At around 7:11-7:12, Martin begins running and Zimmerman begins to chase him.  The operator tells him “We don’t need you to do that”.  Zimmerman says “OK” and gives his best address location to the operator.  At 7:13, he hangs up.
  • Martin’s girlfriend was on the phone with him around 7:12 and was told that someone was following him.  She reported that there was a verbal confrontation at some point during the phone call.
  • At about 7:25, there is a physical altercation during which Zimmerman pulls a Kel-Tec PF9 pistol and fires a single shot at very close range.  The slug hits Martin in the chest.  At 7:26, support personnel arrive and perform lifesaving measures on Martin, who is declared dead at 7:30 PM.  Zimmerman tells the police officer on site that he had shot Martin.
  • According to witnesses, there was a physical altercation that involved Martin on top of Zimmerman, hitting him with his fists.  Medical reports released after the event show that Zimmerman had wounds to his face, nose, and back of head, and the back of his jacket was wet and covered with grass, consistent with him lying on his back in the wet grass.  Zimmerman’s hands were not bruised (indicating that he did not hit Martin).  Martin’s autopsy report showed that his hands were bruised, as if he’d been hitting someone.  The autopsy report also showed that Martin had THC (a byproduct of marijuana) in his system at the time of his death, but the quantity as of today is not known.
  • Zimmerman was placed into police custody and taken downtown where he was photographed, interviewed, and investigated.  The state attorney’s office called it self-defense and declined to pursue charges against him at the time.
  • After protests by the victim’s family and rising national pressure, Florida Governor Rick Scott assigned a different state prosecutor to the case.  On April 11, 2012, the new prosecutor charged Zimmerman with 2nd Degree Murder.

Here’s where we have to start talking about legal specifics.  I am not a lawyer, so please consult a legal professional if you have questions about this:

  • Self-defense law in the United States is simple and is accepted nationwide.  If a reasonable person believes they or someone else is at risk of loss of life, serious bodily injury, or serious sexual assault, then they have the right to use deadly force in defense.
  • There are two doctrines that are tied to self-defense.  The first is called “duty to retreat” and it states that a defendant who is claiming self defense must prove to the court that they attempted to avoid the conflict and took reasonable steps to attempt to retreat before they used deadly force.  19 states use this doctrine.
  • The second doctrine is called “stand your ground”.  This doctrine states that if you are in a conflict that you did not provoke and you have to use deadly force to defend yourself, you are under no duty to retreat.  31 states use some form of this doctrine that varies from an absolute stand-your-ground law (24 states) to a limited version that only applies to home, business, car, etc. (7 states)
  • Massad Ayoob nicely covers stand-your-ground laws here.  You should pay attention to what he says.
  • Under Florida Law, Second Degree Murder in Florida is defined as “The unlawful killing of a human being, when perpetrated by any act imminently dangerous to another and evincing a depraved mind regardless of human life, although without any premeditated design to effect the death of any particular individual, is murder in the second degree”. (FL State Code 782.04 (2)).  In other words, it is an unlawful killing of a human being with malice, but without premeditation.  A classic description of 2nd Degree Murder is if a person became angry, grabbed his usual self-defense gun, and then shot the person he was angry at.

This is what we know so far.  Unfortunately, there’s so much stupid heat over this tragedy that we’ve forgotten the real facts of this case:

  • A young man is dead, possibly because of his own actions.
  • Another young man’s life is ruined, possibly because he defended his life against an aggressor.

Such a shame that both of these young men are being dragged through the mud by race-baiters, political hacks, media vultures deliberately editing material to poison public opinion, and politicians running for re-election.

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The next time a liberal talks about how we need to ramp down the tone of political discussion, I’d like to invite them to examine their own behavior first.  Then I’d tell them to shove it up their butts sideways.

Why?  Because the whole discussion going on nowadays after the reprehensible acts of a crazed loon is focusing on the wrong issues.  Jared Loughner a is a waste of flesh with no links to any political group, right wing or otherwise (although some of his statements do indicate left-line thinking).  It isn’t his politics – or any kind of political discussion – that drove him to do this.

The simple fact is that political discussion, like guns, video games, rock music, movies, TV, and potty training has become the latest boogeyman for those who don’t understand that people are not necessarily naturally good.  In fact, my own belief is that people aren’t good or evil – they’re sinful…  but not necessarily “evil”.  People become evil over time, whether through rotten upbringing, poor environment, bad genetics, nightmare experiences, screwed up chemicals, or hormones gone nuts.  Whatever the cause…   the root cause for a person’s decision to do evil comes down to that person and their choices.

The bigger danger here, in my opinion, is that those with power will take steps to ensure that this will “never happen again”…  by infringing upon the rights guaranteed us in the Constitution.  While it’s nice to say “we need to stop all the violent rhetoric”, it’s one thing to ask people to do so – it’s yet another to use the force of law to infringe the right of free speech or to further restrict our right to defend ourselves from people who have no concerns about such restrictions.  Our rights and freedoms cannot become the prisoners of those who misuse them.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll join me in prayer for the safe and full recovery of the victims of Jared Loughner, including Congresswoman Giffords.  May God grant healing to those who survived, peace to the families of those who died, and justice to their attacker.

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It’s bad enough that the Press has labeled Tea-Parties as right wing extremist, that the Obama Regime is out to tell everyone that we are terrorist or worse, but we all know the truth of who the real radicals are:

Bob Etheridge Rep- 2nd District Democrat NC:

Democrat Activist attacks former NC Senate/US House Rep Candidate Nathan Tabor in Greensboro North Carolina.

If you watch these video’s just who do you think are the angry radicals? The Dems. Obama, Reid, Pelosi and their cronies are out to take away your freedom. Don’t you ever doubt it.

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This coming Thursday is one of my favorite holidays of the year, behind Christmas, Independence Day, and Talk Like a Pirate Day: Draw Mohammed Day.

The premise of this event is very simple: I am not a Muslim.  I have absolutely no need, desire, or requirement to bow to the whims of the Koran or those who interpret it in a way that would ban me from drawing Mohammed.  In fact, the use of Mohammed in art and imagery is well-documented, to the point where, throughout history, even Muslims drew his picture without any fear of reprisal from extremists.

The Religion of Peace

The Religion of Peace

And yet today, people who aren’t under the thumb of the most oppressive major religion on earth are cowering before Islam.  Interestingly, they have no fear of insulting Christians.  This may have something to do with the fact that there haven’t been any reported terrorist incidents against artists who defame Christ, but those who have drawn or depicted Mohammed or have questioned the sincerity of the Religion of Peace have often found themselves at the end of a Koran-inspired goon squad, and in some cases have been attacked and killed.

This is ridiculous.

So, on May 20, a bunch of freedom-loving folks from around the world are gathering together for the first annual Draw Mohammed Day.  I will be participating and will share my image here.  I would encourage you to draw your own image, but….   a few thoughts:

First, try to be at least somewhat pleasant.  While pictures of Mohammed eating a canned ham with his camel wife may have comedy value, that’s not really the point.  This isn’t about comedy – it’s about freedom.

Second, be aware that some people will find this offensive – usually people who’re more concerned about insulting one group of people and are less concerned about insulting another group of people who are in direct opposition to the first group.  What we need to realize and they need to learn is that it’s OK for them to be offended.

Finally, be creative.  Seriously…  Mohammed eating a canned ham?  It’s been done.

See you on Thursday.

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Sometimes, you just can’t help laughing at the state of affairs in the world.  Laughter helps the world go ’round.  It also distracts my brain from its deep-seeded desire to eat its way out of the back of my skull for having been exposed to the ongoing theater of the absurd that is the war on the Tea Parties.

Now, it seems that our beloved Teleprompter has joined in with the self-appointed clowns of the left in referring to those who disagree with Obama, Communism, and the general flushing of our Constitution, principles, and nation down the toilet…   by vulgar sexual slang.  Honestly, if it were just him as a private citizen, we could almost laugh it off.  Especially the whole hypocrisy part, where he calls for civility while at the same time calling people names like any good 6-year-old bully would do.  But A) he’s the President; and B) it’s a pattern of behavior by members of the left.

From unapologetic vulgar sexual slang to bizarre theories of assistance based on political voting patterns to false accusations of racist comments to conspiracy theories that would normally get one committed to an asylum, the left’s war on the right – and common sense – continues, unstopped by any of those pesky “facts” or “opposition in the media”.

And they wonder why the latest polls show a butt-whoopin’ coming this November.

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So during the presidential election in 2008, one of the main cornerstone’s of Obama’s campaign (besides Socialist Change) was criticism of then President Bush and the 4 day wait in response to the devastation in Louisiana and Mississippi caused by Hurricane Katrina. For months President Bush was hounded by the slow response of FEMA and relief by the Federal Government. Of course the fact that then Democrat Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco, turned away Red Cross Relief efforts that day after Hurricane Katrina struck is never mentioned. Months on end, we heard basically how President Bush screwed it up, and well he hates black people.

Now, because of the tragic explosion and sinking of BP’s oil platform in the coast, which is causing 5,000 barrels a day to pollute the gulf and wash up in Louisiana and threaten 5 other states, it only took Obama NINE days to take notice, and ELEVEN days for the EPA to get into gear. Where is the media on this presidential blunder? Where is it on the news for 24 hours a day? Why Obama must hate white people, because all those people who make their lively hood by running shrimping boats are going to go out of business. There is nothing like a little oil flavoring to season our Shrimp Etouffee.

Of course, common sense dictates that disasters, whether caused by Mother Nature, or by human accident will happen and occur from time to time. Human lives will be lost, no matter what race, color or creed of those involved. It is always a tragedy when these things occur, and in many cases these things cannot be prevented no matter how many safety procedures or precautions we take. The matter of fact to lay the blame of Katrina on President Bush and lay the blame of BP’s disaster on President Obama is an oxymoron. The issue I have is one: Is it really up to the Federal Government to provide relief? Note: Florida and not the Federal Government has provided its own hurricane relief efforts. and Secondly: If you are going to criticize President Bush for Katrina, is it not only right to criticize President Obama for the BP scenario? I mean don’t you think a nine-day response is worse than a four-day response? And Obama recently eased restrictions on Oil Drilling Platforms as well. Ain’t that a wonder?

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Remember back when the liberals accused George W. Bush of being a drunken, cocaine-snorting moron?  You know – yesterday?

And so, then they gave us a President who was an admitted coke-head?

But he’s given it all up, right?

Not This Kind

Not This Kind

Wrong.  Well, maybe he’s done with the cocaine part….   but the President’s struggles with cigarette smoking are well-documented, and frankly, it’s not surprising.  A man with a history of addictive behavior is, shockingly, addicted to one of the legal drugs that hundreds of millions of people are addicted to.  I’m not going to badmouth him over cigs, although I would question the wisdom of him pushing health care reform while sucking on a Camel.

The more interesting thing to me is the last comment in the article: “The doctors also recommended ‘moderation of alcohol intake’.”  Ann Althouse asks a very good question: if a man Obama’s age and weight can consume 1-2 beers per day and get health benefits out of it – and 3-4 beers per day without ill effect on health…  exactly how much is the President drinking to click in with the doctors that they needed to warn him about “moderating” his alcohol intake.

The Mainstream Media is already dismissing the suggestion, saying, as an example, that “it hasn’t seemed to be a problem“.  This from the same geniuses who blindly believed and parroted a story about Bush’s coke-snorting past…   written by a convicted felon and con man who also claimed to be the official followup to the Ian Flemming legacy.  One could reasonably argue that such a man’s testimony would be “suspect” at best, but to this date, Bush’s coke-glazed past is an axiom among the left.

In the meantime, listen to your doctors, Mr. Obama.  I want you to spend a long time in your retirement after your single term as President to mull over where went wrong.

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It seems that a story is floating around the blogosphere about a Billboard that has been up for about a month around Chicago, Illinois. Take a look at the picture below hosted from this article:

Yahoo News.

Miss Me Yet?

It would seem that most people at first would think of answering no. I for one do not miss the outrageous spending that went on under Bush and the Republican Congress at the time. And the false information that directly led to the Iraqi war was a blunder we meddled through that we are still paying for. (Despite that most Iraqi’s are grateful for their freedom).

On the other hand, I look at our current President, Obama and my answer quickly turns to a Hell Yes! Why? While Bush was no fiscal conservative, he truly had our backs starting in 2001 through 2008. No major attacks happened on our soil again and most of us felt safe and protected. Bush is a deeply spiritual man and as president he led our nation, despite the constant attacks on his character, intellect and charisma. Everyone thinks W. is dumb, but they don’t exactly hand out Harvard MBA’s to dumb people, do they?

When I consider Obama’s blunders, they are monumental. Our economy is nearing collapse, spending in Washington is a run-away train; several more Trillion dollars more than Bush ever spent, Iran is close to getting a Nuclear Weapon, Obama never lent any support to Iran when Freedom Protests were going on, Obama has never fulfilled his promises on drilling for oil, Jobless Rates are soaring, Obama lecturing the Supreme Court and US Citizens like we are children, and of course taxes are going to go up to pay for this pig of the US Government wearing lipstick. Do I need to go on? Do I even have to mention nationalized healthcare?

Regardless of who put up the Billboard, Bush was not a socialist and he did not seek to penalize Banks and other Corporations for trying to make a profit and creating jobs. This whole recession started with the housing collapse that is directly linked to Barney Frank and his Democratic Cronies deregulating the housing market and banks safeguards that Republicans warned about in the early 2000′s. Does anyone mention that? Not in any media report I can find. The only thing I can find is Obama is trying to regulate banks more than what his democratic Friends took away in the first place. Crippling Banks, raising the Capital Gains tax is not doing anyone any favors. Obama is on a path for the Government to take away our freedom, not to protect it.

Bush had his faults and he was no Ronald Reagan. But compared to Obama’s socialist policies, W’s portrait needs to be put on Mount Rushmore. After all, despite everything, at least W. was a true American. Can you say the same for Obama? I’m not sure I can.

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Obama’s TelePrompTer Brigade vs. Sarah’s Hand Notes…   a cost analysis.

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