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It’s bad enough that the Press has labeled Tea-Parties as right wing extremist, that the Obama Regime is out to tell everyone that we are terrorist or worse, but we all know the truth of who the real radicals are:

Bob Etheridge Rep- 2nd District Democrat NC:

Democrat Activist attacks former NC Senate/US House Rep Candidate Nathan Tabor in Greensboro North Carolina.

If you watch these video’s just who do you think are the angry radicals? The Dems. Obama, Reid, Pelosi and their cronies are out to take away your freedom. Don’t you ever doubt it.

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This coming Thursday is one of my favorite holidays of the year, behind Christmas, Independence Day, and Talk Like a Pirate Day: Draw Mohammed Day.

The premise of this event is very simple: I am not a Muslim.  I have absolutely no need, desire, or requirement to bow to the whims of the Koran or those who interpret it in a way that would ban me from drawing Mohammed.  In fact, the use of Mohammed in art and imagery is well-documented, to the point where, throughout history, even Muslims drew his picture without any fear of reprisal from extremists.

The Religion of Peace

The Religion of Peace

And yet today, people who aren’t under the thumb of the most oppressive major religion on earth are cowering before Islam.  Interestingly, they have no fear of insulting Christians.  This may have something to do with the fact that there haven’t been any reported terrorist incidents against artists who defame Christ, but those who have drawn or depicted Mohammed or have questioned the sincerity of the Religion of Peace have often found themselves at the end of a Koran-inspired goon squad, and in some cases have been attacked and killed.

This is ridiculous.

So, on May 20, a bunch of freedom-loving folks from around the world are gathering together for the first annual Draw Mohammed Day.  I will be participating and will share my image here.  I would encourage you to draw your own image, but….   a few thoughts:

First, try to be at least somewhat pleasant.  While pictures of Mohammed eating a canned ham with his camel wife may have comedy value, that’s not really the point.  This isn’t about comedy – it’s about freedom.

Second, be aware that some people will find this offensive – usually people who’re more concerned about insulting one group of people and are less concerned about insulting another group of people who are in direct opposition to the first group.  What we need to realize and they need to learn is that it’s OK for them to be offended.

Finally, be creative.  Seriously…  Mohammed eating a canned ham?  It’s been done.

See you on Thursday.

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Hmm, it seems Barry O’Bama thinks that Wall street is Evil. Shame on Goldman-Sachs for making money for their investors and the portfolios they hold. Shame on the Private Sector for doing what it is built to do – make money. So we must buy Google Ads and Release SEC Reports to coincide with The Big O’s plan to save us from the eviiiiil corporations out there. So while the Dems have successfully taken over the Healthcare Industry, lets just take over the Private Sector and Wall street while we are at it. Wait that’s not all, Tax and Cap Energy Policy is coming your way as well so let’s go 3 for 3. Why stop there? Lets take over the whole country and make us all red-book socialist while we are it.

Think I am jesting? This is reality. The reality is that the Dems are having their way with us and they expect us to bend over and take it. They will not listen to us and they go all willy-nilly passing what they want without any regards for anyone else. They are gearing up for election 2010 and while some us think it’s a slam dunk, let’s be real – it isn’t.

We all know the Dem’s game plan for being elected. It’s to Blame Wall Street and The Bad Economy on Bush. It is still all Bush’s fault according to the Dems. Sound Familiar? It is the same exact game plan for getting the Big O elected and putting the dem’s in power. I guess it doesn’t matter that the monstrosity of a stimulus bill is a failure, our deficit is now in the trillions and jobless claims are skyrocketing, all under the watchful eye of the Big O. He has been president for nearly 1 and half years now, and He still blames everyone else but himself. The Big O thinks he can do no wrong, and thinks everyone else is just stupid or plain ignorant.

The atmosphere now is anti-incumbent. That’s anti everyone, Republicans and Democrats alike. In NC, they are forming a liberal 3rd party, because even their own Dem’s won’t listen to them. We are having Tea Parties and they shrug us off. They won’t appear to meet with their constituents. Members of Congress are retiring left and right because they know they will get slaughtered in the upcoming elections and they will ‘return’ after this coming election is over.

Wake up People! Don’t get lulled to sleep by what we aren’t seeing in the news. Stay vigilant, Stay Watchful and this coming November, let’s make sure the socialist supporters don’t get re-elected. Let’s make sure we take this country back of ours and make it great again. Let’s make sure that we never become socialist. If Barry get’s his way, and He currently is, then sooner than you think, the party will be over.

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Stay classy, Mr. Obama!  I’m glad to see that you’re spending time constructively when you’re unable to attend funerals.

By the way, remember all the complaining about Bush being “on vacation” all the time?  How he’d go down to Texas to work, but liberals screamed about how evil he was to have gone to Texas to work?

Well, in 8 years, Mr. Bush played golf 24 times – about 3 times a year.  In ONE year, Mr. Obama has played golf 32 times.

At least now we know where he was when he couldn’t find time to meet with his commanders on the ground in Afghanistan.

Look, I don’t begrudge the Prez a round of golf every once in a while.  Personally, I gave up golf when I realized it was an expensive waste of my time that I was never going to improve upon (I took up skeet shooting), but different strokes for different folks.  The problem isn’t that the man takes time out to go plink out a round of swing n’ cuss…   it’s that he’s spending way too much time on entertaining himself.

We conservatives were lectured for 8 years on how George W. Bush is running the country into the ground by ignoring the pleas of countries who weren’t our allies.  But now, Obama is actively attacking our allies (or emboldening their enemies) or behaving in a way that shows our allies that the tragic deaths of their leaders just doesn’t matter.

And they wonder why trust in our government is at an all-time low.

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And to think, all the Soviet Union would’ve had to do is to wait.  Yesterday, the cocaine-snorting communist announced that he would not respond with nuclear arms, even if attacked by an enemy WITH nuclear arms.

"No Big Deal." - B. Hussein Obama

No, our Commander-in-Chief would rather save our massive nuclear stockpile for such large-scale nuclear assaults by nations like Iran and North Korea who, between the 2 of them, may have fewer than 20 low-yield nukes.

But if another country like, say, Russia or China unleashes hundreds or thousands of nuclear warheads on the US mainland?  Nah…   we’ll just sit back and take a couple hundred megatons for the team.  In the name of peace, of course.

Bonus: Russia reserves the right to bow out of the recent nuke treaty Obama negotiated for us.

On one hand, I seriously want to refer to Barack Hussein Obama as a complete and total retard.  I’d love to believe that he’s naive enough to think that if we promise not to strike back, we can preemptively avoid the possibility of attack by a major nuclear power bent on the destruction of the United States.

But I don’t believe it.  He’s not stupid.  He’s not naive.  He’s simply an aggressive anti-American who has more in common with the Communists who used to – and still do – run those countries who stand against us as rival superpowers than he does with people who think America is good.  The reason I believe he has already surrendered is because he’s already on their side.  He is the most dangerous man ever to sit in the Oval Office chair, and it is our responsibility as people who love freedom to stand against him and pray for his utter failure.

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I was perusing some of the national news today, I came across an interesting article on Fox News. I was astonished that I have not heard of this story anywhere else, much less no mention of it on ABC, CBS, CNN, or even Google News. Joe Biden, as Vice President, personal motorcade has been involved in 3 separate auto accidents, including one that resulted in a fatality.

Does anyone remember Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick? Where is the investigation? Where is the national media on this? Is it only because the fatality, which was a pedestrian, resulted in a car being driven by the Secret Service? One accident is understandable but 3 within a year is disconcerting. Who is to be held accountable for these things? Is anyone doing anything? The Fox news article states that Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan says “We don’t talk about those kinds of things”.

Now we all know that Joe regularly puts his foot in his own mouth and he is not always on the same page as everyone else in their right mind. And I don’t personally blame him for all these accidents, where one of them seems to be the result of the action of another person, however what I do hold Joe accountable is that this is another instance of an abuse of Government power where the death of a civilian is the direct result of his personal motorcade and it seems like there has been a news blackout of this incident and no-one is being held responsible. Can the family of this fatality victim even sue the Secret Service or the Vice President? If they can get away with “We don’t talk about those kinds of things”, what else can they get away with?

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In Detroit, brave passengers on Northwest Flight 253, knowing what happened on United Flight 93, throw caution to the wind as they work to subdue a would-be terrorist bomber.

In Washington, DC, despite all evidence that’d be obvious to Helen Keller, Janet Nepolitano declares that “The System Worked”.  The system, apparently, being the keen ability of the TSA, State Department, and Federal Government to fail on every possible level to detect and detain an Al Qaeda terrorist armed with an underwear  bomb made by the top Al Qaeda bombmaker in Yemen; a terrorist whose own father warned the US government about him, and whose mission was plotted by 2 Al Qaeda idiots released from Gitmo in 2007.

In Hawaii, 3 hours after the incident, Obama is made aware (personally, I knew from CNN as it was happening).  The TelePrompTer of the United States then takes three days to respond to the event.  After golfing, of course.  After all, a man has to have his priorities…  (and it certainly isn’t church on Christmas).


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OK, kids…  time for a little eduction.  I seriously want this to be as unbiased as possible, so if the Obamanauts will refrain from blaming everything on Bush, Rush, Beck, or Sarahcuda, I’ll refrain from calling Barack Hussein Obama “Our Special-Needs-Student-In-Chief”.


This, kids, is an approval rating tracker, courtesy of the good folks over at USA Today.  I’ve shamelessly pimped this thing before, as my only real criticism is that it only contains data from Gallup (which isn’t overly unreasonable, since Gallup’s been in the game longer than anyone, although today, I prefer Zogby and Rasmussen, as their numbers tend to be more accurate).

There are three lines on this chart.  I could have selected a lot more, but these, I think, tell the story better than any of the others.

First, I want you to look closely at the bluey-purpley line that goes all the way across the image.  That one, gents, is the approval rating of one James Earl Carter, widely thought to be the worst President of the 20th Century (although he occasionally comes in 2nd to Warren G. “Teapot Dome Scandal” Harding).  To this day, most people can only think of one or two things to say positive about Carter’s Presidency – usually the Camp David accords, and most are content to say “he’s a nice guy”, which I believe he is.  I also happen to think he’s a doddering fruitcake who’s showing signs of dementia, but this is supposed to be all unbiased and everything….

Now look at the other 2.  The red one is none other than George W. Bush – again, widely agreed to be a failure by people from both sides of the tent – and usually for completely opposite reasons.  I happen to think that history will smile on GWB in a way that’s similar to his dad, but it’ll take time.  Heck – I don’t even smile on him right now.  But the one thing that united the country behind him was the big, sharp uptick in his approval.  Prior to this, ol’ George was lookin’ like a coin flip for being a 1-termer.  His approval was below Carter’s, but the linear regression wasn’t as steep.  Had there been no 9/11 or no Iraq War, I think GWB would have sunk to the high 40’s and been a 1-term President (and I don’t think Kerry would’ve been the nominee – a lack of war would’ve made for a very different Democrat field, and I think we would’ve seen a much more moderate Clintonite-style nominee than the mid-to-far-left Kerry).

But he didn’t.  9/11 gave Bush the highest approval rating of any President and even the Iraq War bumped him up a bit.

Now look at that short blue line.  That belongs to Barack H. Obama, current President, and not only is it running in parallel with Carter (albeit about 3-5 points lower), but there’s more parallels than I believe Mr. Obama is comfortable with:

1.  Both Obama and Carter are far-left statists.  They may not be hard-and-true communists, but they’re as close as we get in the US (with the possible exception of the Wilson administration).

2.  They were both elected after the end of a highly controversial administration.  Obama was elected at the end of Bush’s Presidency.  Carter came after the Nixon administration (as run by Gerald Ford for 2 years).  Both Bush and Nixon started popular and then waned in popularity as scandal and mismangement took hold.  This leads to my usual point that says “The American people did not elect Obama because of the bill of goods he sold them – they elected him because they didn’t want another 4 years of George Bush.  2008 was a referendum on the Bush Presidency, and Obama merely benefitted from that referendum.

3.  Both Carter and Obama come into the Presidency facing “the worst economy since the great depression”.  Our current economy sucks.  So did the economy of the 1970’s, from about 1975 on to about 1983.  Eight years.  The Great Depression?   Lasted about…  8 years before recovery started kicking in.  The current economy?  We’re about 2 1/2 to 3 years in.

4.  Both Carter and Obama come in after the conclusion of an unpopular war, and both are facing Islamic radicals who are trying to use terror to influence the US into isolationism.  The pullout from Iraq was OKed in October of 08, prior to the election.  Carter faced off against Iran (among others) and failed miserably.  Obama’s not doing much better in Afghanistan.

5.  Korea.  Obama gets to deal with The Poof.  Carter had to deal with a coup, student uprising, and military Presidency in South Korea.

So what does this all mean?  Well…

Obama’s in trouble, approval-wise.  No President has ever been re-elected with an approval rating of less than 53%, and Obama’s right now – according to Gallup – is at 48%.  According to Rasmussen, it’s at 44%, with 55% disapproving – and it’s trending downwards.  Into the septic tank.

Worse yet, rather than uniting the nation behind him (as Bush did with 9/11), Obama has exposed an electorate that is more divided than ever.  Most Presidents have a 5-10 point “flex” between their approval and disapproval – Obama has little.  See…   and this is why I like Rasmussen… most of the approval polls are polls of “Adults” or “Registered Voters”.  Rasmussen is “Likely Voters” – people more likely to go into a voting booth and tick their favorite candidate…   and right now, Obama’s running 44-55.

Worse yet for him, Rasmussen’s numbers include “strong” and “weak” approval and disapproval…   and that’s even worse.  While his approval numbers are typical, with 24/44 saying “strongly approve” and 20/44 saying “approve”, the disapprove numbers are VERY atypical.  42/55 say “Strongly Disapprove” with only 13/55 saying a mere “disapprove”.

Them’s some bad numbers for Bamy, because it shows that there is a solidified base against Obama.  Back in the election, the “strong disapprove” was closer to 30, and the inauguration saw strong numbers dip into the 15’s.  They were in the steady 20’s and low 30’s right after the stimulus, but didn’t move sharply up until the health care bill became a focus.  THEN, his negative numbers flew up – with those who were mere “disapprove” moving into the “strong” column, only to be replaced with middle-ground and former supporters.

And that’s bad for him.

Is it great news for conservatives?  Maybe.  I’ve said for a while that if Healthzilla gets passed, it’ll be a bloodbath in the 2010 elections for the Democrats, and I stand by it.  The American people do NOT want government-run health care – 56% to 40%.  They want “reform”, but not what the Democrats are pushing.  If it gets passed, I’m guessing that there will be a changeover of at least one house of Congress and that Obama’s 2nd term chances will sink to about nil.

So…   what can he do?  Well, Barry, I’m glad you asked…

1.  Humble yourself.  Obama needs to do something he’s been incapable of doing to date: he needs to meet the conservatives halfway.  The one thing he’s never figured out is that in the American system of Government, the President is NOT the king – is NOT the emperor.  He is, in many ways, a negotiator for both parties in the legislature.  A successful President will work both sides to everyone’s advantage.  Reagan mastered this.  Clinton figured it out after 1994 (and then forgot again after 1998).  Bush nailed it for the 1st 2-3 years and then became the capitulator in chief.  No one likes a Capitulator.

2.  Shut up.  There is an inverse correlation between the gap between Barry’s top and bottom teeth and his approval rating.  As good of a public teleprompter reader as you may be, Barry…  you suck at actually saying stuff.

3.  Remember why you were elected…  it wasn’t because you had great ideas or great plans…  it was because you weren’t George W. Bush with a 24% approval rating.  But you can be.

4.  Americans like it when their leaders present their country as a strong nation, internationally.  Even if you’re not threatening to nuke North Korea, you can still project strength.  You can’t project strength when you’re trying to touch your toes with your ample forehead.

5.  Stop accusing Americans who disagree with you of being evil, stupid, clueless, mean, etc.  It only serves to make you look like a total hole.  There’s millions upon millions of Americans who think you’re an amateur who couldn’t manage your way out of a wet paper sack.  The reason for this is because you can’t.  Instead, try listening to what they say and then provide reasonable arguments as to why your ideas are better.  At least if you tried to meet them halfway, you wouldn’t look like a oligarch…   but calling them names just makes you seem like the snotty little kid with the new toy that won’t share, and this only makes the American people think you’re an arrogant a-hole.

6.  Stop cooking your numbers.  Americans may not like the fact that you blew a ton of cash on stupid programs.  They’ll like that you’re lying about it even less.  Be a man, come out and say, “We screwed up”.  Then, stop spending.

7.  Resign.  Seriously, this is probably the one thing you could do that would be the best, most successful way to actually save America from your stupidity.  See if you can convince Biden, Pelosi, Reid, and a few other idiots to go along with you.

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Nevermind the fact that the climate change data from the last 10 years have been proven to be fabricated and false, along with Al Gore’s movie. Nevermind that every major media news outlet in the United States is ignoring the fact while John Kerry (D) introduces a new climate bill, along with Phil Gramm (R) who is global warming’s newest crusader. Even if you do hear a tidbit on the news wire, it’s all about an investigation on who leaked the fabricated data instead of why the data was fabricated in the first place. Even now the talks in Copenhagen, which is leaving a 40,000 metric ton carbon footprint, is all about trying to get nations to pony up money to reduce greenhouse gas. Consider the fact that Obama is pledging to raise our energy prices by an equivalent of $2000 per family increase next year with the Cap and Trade Bill, that taxes energy emissions. Why it’s just a quick jump from Denmark over to Sweden to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize for his future supposed endeavors.

Copenhagen is being portrayed about “Saving the Planet”, and afterall who doesn’t want to “Save the Planet”. Of course the falsified data doesn’t really mean anything because we are “Saving the Planet”? After all if we cannot “Save the Whales”, or if we cannot “Save the Spotted Owl”, we might as well “Save the Planet” and bomb some SUV dealerships while we at it. All this hub-bub is a direct attack by environmental wackos who want to socialize our country, which is turn directly co-insides with our Democratic President’s Agenda, and believe it or not: our capitalistic industries are quick to jump to the band wagon to earn a quick buck.

Who hasn’t seen an environmental friendly commercial for a new product? Who hasn’t bought a planet friendly cleaning product, even if you didn’t mean to. And those re-useable nylon type grocery bags you can buy and use over and over again to save the trees are just grand. Heck even I drive a hybrid, but of course, it’s not for environmental reasons, it’s for saving $ reasons. (After all I am a fiscal conservative). My point is you cannot get away from “Saving the Planet” claptrap that is all around us. And it directly coincides with the Copenhagen Talks.

Why you ask? Why because it’s because of the money. You see the Green Industry is a HUGE money-maker. By the year 2017, its estimated that it will make around $10 trillion dollars annually. That’s almost as much that Obama is planning on raising our deficit with the Healthcare Bill. That’s even more money than some countries make in a year. If you don’t believe me on the $10 trillion dollars, consider this article.

So while “Saving the Planet” and “Being Green” and driving Hybrids and just being Enviro-Friendly are just and noble things to do to help out the planet, its not about “Saving the Planet”, its about socialist control and plain old cash. The Kyoto treaty was all about getting big nations to pour billions of dollars into these green industries all in the name of “Saving the Planet” and solving “Global Warming”. Funny since these “Global Warming” facts came out to be false, that our Green-Hero Al Gore is nowhere near Copenhagen because of a “scheduling conflict”, yeah right.

The problem with Copenhagen and the “Saving the Planet” brigade is that the UN and the Enviro-Wackos want more money. They want all the OTHER countries in the world to pitch in. You know the countries in Africa and Brazil and Outer Bostwania need to pitch in their billions too. (Sarcasm /On) Why it’s all about reducing Carbon emissions and “Saving The Planet” Why Obama is “Saving the Planet”, don’t other countries want to “Save the Planet” too? I mean what are they, world hating right-wing extremist? Why they must be “Nazis” that want to destroy the world and bring back slavery while they are at it. (Sarcasm /Off)

The fact is that these “other countries”, which is everyone else except the US and the other countries that fell under Kyoto, believe that ponying up to the “Saving the Planet” brigade at the UN is not such a good idea because of the er, bad economy thing. They kind of believe that their countries need the money a little bit more than the UN and the Enviro-Wackos do. They kind of recognized the fact that the whole “Global Warming” facts have been falsified by think-tanks in Britain and at Nasa. They kind of think that this Copenhagen thing with its 40,000 metric ton carbon footprint is a joke and like most of us already know that it is. That’s why the talks are now “temporarily suspended”, while the Enviro-Wackos try to think of a way to MAKE the “other countries” pony up.

So while Obama is planning to lead the “Cap and Tax, er Trade” assault once the Health Care debacle is out-of-the-way, the rest of us can go on ahead buying “Green Products”, because dang-it, we just don’t have a choice because the Copenhagen accords are just going to “Save the Planet”. Might as well “Save the Cheerleader and Save the World” while they are at it.

Update: The “Temporarily Suspended” Talks are no longer Suspended. Apparently the “Other Countries” are back at the table willing to pony up “penalties” (aka UN Enviro-Wacko Sludge Money) for not meeting Kyoto treaty restrictions IF First World Countries (Ala US and Europe) promise not to fudge on their numbers and cap green house emissions. Yeah CAP-N-Tax er TRADE is now on the fast track cause the Big O won’t let these “other countries”, that the US has so drastically taken advantage of, down!

Side Note: I don’t expect the “other countries” will pay any penalties or curb any emissions or agree to anything to the fact. These talks will last for a while and whatever is agreed upon, we probably won’t get the whole story. I think is just another tactic for socialist to seek control over our society by making sure we curb our emissions even further while their green companies get the kickbacks. It’s a launching point for the Cap-N-Trade Bill while Obama gets to claim victory over making the whole world “Safe” and to save the world from “Global Warming”. I know this can sound a bit far-fetched but with our current administration, I can expect no less.

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Well, it took long enough.

This Soundtrack was Totally Recorded for Barack H. Obama

Barack H. Obama, filling his triple role as President of the United States, Commander in Chief of the US Military, and Savior of the Universe (even better than Flash!  Ah-ahhhhh!) has decreed after much deliberation, a whole lot more waiting, and a couple of quick phone calls to his general in charge of what he called a “war of necessity” that the general actually does need more troops…  just not as many as he requested.  In a self-referential ego-tastic speech, General Zero announced a surge of 30,000 troops nearly 3 months after his delayed response on Afghanistan and refusal to meet with his general until the cameras were on became international news.

What a genius!  He told us all during the election how necessary the war in Afghanistan was and how Bush (and by extension, John McCain) were so stupid and evil for focusing their attention on that eeeeeeeevil war in Iraq.  Why, when he became President, there’d be some CHANGE in Washington DC!  Things would get done!  That’s how BHO rolls!

And then he took nearly a year to make a decision on what to do in Afghanistan.

OK – to be fair, Obama decided back in February to send an extra 17,000 troops – eventually – to the region.  In fact, let’s take a step back and look at that particular decision, shall we?

As a part of the “War of Necessity”, the General in charge of operations in Afghanistan, David D. McKiernan, came to Obama, begging for 30,000 troops to fight the war to victory.  Obama’s response?  12,000 troops immediately, 5,000 troops eventually, and the dismissal of McKiernan 3 months later.

And now, he’s again granted the General in charge a fraction of the troops he needs.  OK.  Fine.  We’re still getting a surge and General McChrystal is reacting with grace and confidence.

But then, General Zero announced the bombshell.  Those troops?  It’d take a year to get them there (which is 3 months past the “we need them in a year or the war is lost” request from General McChrystal 3 months ago), and then he’ll start withdrawing troops a year later, with a full withdrawal from Afghanistan by 2012.

As opposed to, say, fighting the war to victory.

Attention Terrorists: If you’re patient, you can have Afghanistan back.  Just wait three years.  If you send in the maximum amount in campaign contributions, Mr. Obama may leave a ribbon or bow on Afghanistan on the way out.

Seriously, Barry – just go back to bowing to foreign leaders and winning awards you don’t deserve.  Leave the hard decisions to people who actually know what the hell they’re doing.

Worst.  President.  Ever.  November 2012 can’t come soon enough.

UPDATE: At least we know what side the media is on.  Meat the Press:

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